Windows mobile

May 30th, 2008

This isn’t much of a post, more a test of using my phone to do this as I wonder if I should attempt a little CPR on this blog.

I’ve got some fresh CSS and JavaScript discoveries to share so watch this space.

Busy busy busy…

February 8th, 2006

I was hoping to play around with the checkbox vs. radio button code a bit more but I’ve been temporarily pulled off of that project with v.1b of the project going live and v.2 being put off for 10 days.

Instead I’m back to working on our new HTML editor and making sure that the CSS for the whole site defines everything that can be defined. Otherwise there’s a real risk of conflict with our partners stylesheets.

Bringing the new HTML editor into play is a major step forward towards standards compliance and accessibility as we will finally be able to get rid of the antiquated editor that has been in play for years along with all of the tag-soup that goes with it.

Is it a checkbox or a radio button?

February 6th, 2006

Part of the requirements doc for a subscription form I’ve designed for an internal client at work stated that the form must use checkboxes for a particular function. One of our Java programmers, Satish, who created the whole mail system said that it would be a lot easier for him if we could use radio buttons.

Fortunately I remembered seeing a tutorial some time ago which discussed using images to replace the radio buttons, making it possible for me to make it appear that there were checkboxes on the page, keeping the client happy, and retain the functionality of radio buttons, keeping the programmer happy.

The original code from BrainError was only for changing checkboxes but I also stumbled upon a solution andrew Main had provided that changed radio buttons as well.

I stripped the checkbox part of the code out and created some true/false checkbox images and now everyone is happy :-) Here’s the code if you want to give it a go yourself… It’s not completely accessible in that tabbing through the buttons won’t work, but the form I’m working on uses so much Javascript already that it’s really not the end of the world.

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
//global variables that can be used by aLL the functions on this page.
var inputs;
var imgRadioFalse = 'images/radio_unchecked.gif';
var imgRadioTrue = 'images/radio_checked.gif';

//this function runs when the page is loaded, put all your other onload stuff in here too.
function init() {

function replaceRadios() {

//get all the input fields on the page
inputs = document.getElementsByTagName('input');

//cycle trough the input fields
for(var i=0; i < inputs.length; i++) {

//check if the input is a checkbox
if(inputs[i].getattribute('type') == 'radio') {

//create a new image
var img = document.createElement('img');

//check if the checkbox is checked
if(inputs[i].checked) {
img.src = imgRadioTrueDisabled;
} else {
img.src = imgRadioTrue;
} else {
img.src = imgRadioFalseDisabled;
} else {
img.src = imgRadioFalse;

//set image ID and onclick action = 'radioImage'+inputs[i].id;

//set image click event if button not disabled
if(!inputs[i].disabled) img.onclick = new Function('radioChange('+i+')');
//place image in front of the checkbox
inputs[i].parentNode.insertBefore(img, inputs[i]);

//hide the checkbox

//change the radio status and the replacement image of checked and all in same group
function radioChange(i) {
var radios=new array();
var tmpradios;

// load all the inputs into tmp array
tmpradios = document.getElementsByTagName('input');

for(var j=0; j < tmpradios.length; j++) {
// add only the radios in this group to the array
if(tmpradios[j].getattribute('name') == inputs[i].getattribute('name'))

if(inputs[i].checked) {
// already checked so do nothing as radio does not uncheck like a checkbox
} else {
// make all other group items unchecked
for(var j=0; j < radios.length; j++) {
// make the selected item checked
inputs[i].checked = 'checked';
('radioImage'+inputs[i].id).src = imgRadioTrue;

window.onload = init;


Tomorrow I’m going to try and add to the code so that it will exclude radio buttons that I don’t want to change as at the moment it does a general sweep of the page and changes every radio button it finds. If you use the code be sure to give each of your radio buttons a unique ID so that the script can differentiate between which image to show when the checked state is changed. also remember to rename the image paths to match those of your own images.

Once again props go to BrainError and anthony Main, the first for coming up with the original checkbox code and the latter for adding radio button functionality.

Pain Injection

February 6th, 2006

I was expecting a nice quiet days work today on my Sunday job, with just one site to be uploaded that I’d already finished last week and two pages needing very minor edits. Of course nothing is ever that simple!

When I called Simon this afternoon, he told me that he’d received 350 spam e-mails today alone, with thousands more since Thursday. It didn’t seem like the strangest thing in the world what with the amount of spammers about these days, until he told me that all of the e-mails were coming from one of our servers. a quick check of one of the e-mail headers confirmed that the e-mails had indeed come from our server.

Had we been hacked? How many other people were now receiving spam that appeared to come from us?

I Googled for a while and found that we’d been the victim of a “Sendmail Injection Exploit.” Basically a spammer uses a site’s contact form URL and adds extra variables that enables them to use a server for sending anonymous spam. I couldn’t find a fix that worked for me so I put up a temporary holding page to keep the spammers at bay before going off to learn some new PHP to help me come up with a solution of my own.

The final result seems to work but I won’t be putting it into production until tomorrow night when I’ll know for sure. The following code is part research, part guess-work and just a smidgen of actual PHP knowledge.

$email = preg_replace("/\r/", "", $email);
$email = preg_replace("/\n/", "", $email);
if (eregi("cc", $email) || eregi("bcc", $email) || eregi("to", $email) || eregi("Content-Type", $email)) die("Sorry, there was a problem with your message being sent. Please click <a href=\"javascript:history.go(-1)\">here</a> to try again");

I would have used a more ‘choice’ message for the spammers when filtering them out but it’s always possible that a legitimate customer could receive the message by mistake. With this being a possibility there’s also the chance that we could block legitimate contacts but I think this is the lesser of two evils here.

If you find yourself a victim of such an attack please feel free to add the above code to your PHP mail() form. Just replace $email with whatever field you use to collect the senders e-mail address.


February 4th, 2006

So you stumbled upon my little blog eh?

Well then you’re sure to have noticed that this is very much a WIP and will probably remain to be so for the next month or so as I struggle to find the time to get some kind of design down for it in between my full-time job, my Sunday job and of course spending time with my wonderful wife and son.

Edit: Okay so maybe I won’t be struggling to find the time to design this as I’m fairly happy with what I’ve put together in just one day :) (just some minor tidying needed when I next get a few hours to get into it).
Installation was incredibly simple and I’m sure you could customize to your hearts content with just a little PHP, (x)HTML and CSS knowledge.

I did have a briefly worrying moment a couple of minutes ago… Having completed the design aspects for now I added a re-direct for anyone coming in to to bring them straight to this directory where WordPress is installed. after that I thought it would be a nice idea to change the URI in the options to ensure that any WP generated links also led to the short address. Big mistake! This caused every link to break and made it impossible for me to change the URI back. Fortunately I was able to go into the db and correct my error :)

Close a window or tab in Firefox with JavaScript…

February 4th, 2006

Update… Unfortunately this code no longer works in Firefox 2.x ~ I guess they saw this and fixed it, (for them - broke it for us!).

Recently at work I was asked to make javascript:window.close(); work in FireFox. I searched hard and long across numerous forums and on each and every one the answer was the same - it cannot be done unless the page was opened by a script! Or at least it couldn’t until I was required to make it happen ;-)

I’m by no means a JavaScript expert - in fact I hardly know any at all - but I couldn’t believe that this was completely impossible so I came up with the following:

The first step is to fool the browser into thinking that it was opened with a script…'','_parent','');

This opens a new page, (non-existent), into a target frame/window, (_parent which of course is the window in which the script is executed, so replacing itself), and defines parameters such as window size etc, (in this case none are defined as none are needed). Now that the browser thinks a script opened a page we can quickly close it in the standard way…


and there you have it - I told you it was simple! In case you didn’t follow that, here is the complete solution in two easy steps:

1. Copy/paste the following code to the head of your page…

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">

function closeWindow() {'','_parent','');




2. Set your link like this:

<a href="javascript:closeWindow();">Close Window</a>

and there you have it - a problem that it seemed, (according to my trying to find a solution before coming up with this one anyway), to have baffled everyone else.

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